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The barn was originally built in 2008 to have a place for the travel team I coached to work out during the cold months of the year. We needed to practice year round in order to compete with high end travel teams in Kansas City. When others saw the success of my players that came from proper fundamentals and a lot of practice they also wanted the opportunity to work out all year long. This was just the beginning and I haven’t looked back since.

My passion for helping kids succeed as well as the love of the game has been one of the keys for the success of the Barn. I worked for UPS for 30+ years and never got the feeling I get when young people tell me how much they love working with me and how much they have learned. It’s important for me that each player knows how important they are and we are working hard to make them successful in their favorite sport. It’s pretty cool when I am at a ball tournament within 100 miles of the barn and kids come up to me with a grin on their face. It makes all the hard work worth it!

Another key to success is our coaching staff. It goes without saying, they are the best in the three state area for baseball and softball. Over the years I have learned that if I surround myself with great people who share the same love, enthusiasm and work ethic we have no option but to succeed.

Bangin at the Barn Owners

As we continued to grow it only made sense to add a Pro Shop. Not only do we stock baseball & softball gear, but we offer gear for all sports as well as the equipment needed such as pitching mounds, hitting & pitching nets to name a few. We also don’t forget our umps & refs. If we don’t have it in stock we can order it and our prices are some of the best around offering competitive pricing for top brands.

When I first built the Barn so many years ago I never dreamed it would grow into what it is today. Even though the Barn is out in the boonies, people travel far and wide to take advantage of the services and goods offered. Word of mouth and the success of our kids is what keeps people coming! Thanks for stopping by and seeya at the Barn.

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