Baden Blem Highschool / College Per Doz

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Constructed for collegiate and elite level high school programs, the Baden® Perfection 3B-PPRO NFHS® Baseball features a cushioned cork center and proprietary winding technology to ensure a more durable, high compression core for the best performance.


  • Cover: Premium Leather
  • Core: Cushioned cork keeps the ball energized upon impact
  • Windings: Pro-grade wool
  • Stitching/Seams: Raised, double-stitched seams with special waxed cotton thread for exceptional grip
  • League/Certification(s): NFHS® competition grade
  • Balls included in purchase: Individual
  • Recommended Age: Adult (College, High School and American Legion)
  • Style : 3B-PPRO-05-EA
  • Brand : Baden